Advanced photochemical processes for the manufacture of nanopowders: an evaluation of long-term pilot plant operation 
Journal: Reaction Chemistry and Engineering
Authors: Jan Bárta,   Lenka Procházková,   Michaela Škodová,   Kateřina Děcká,   Xenie Popovič,   Tereza Janoušková Pavelková,   Patrik Beck  and  Václav Čuba  (CTU)
Publication date: 6 January 2022


From Sintering to Particle Discrimination: New Opportunities in Metal–Organic Frameworks Scintillators 
Journal: Advanced Photonics Research
Authors: Vincent Villemot, Nicolas Dufour, Sharvanee Mauree, Benoit Sabot, Guillaume Bertrand and Matthieu Hamel (CEA)
Publication date: 31 October 2021


Detection of radioactive gas with scintillating MOF
Journal: Advanced Functional Materials
Authors: Sharvanee Mauree, Vincent Villemot, Matthieu Hamel, Benoit Sabot, Sylvie Pierre, Christophe Dujardin, Francesca Belloni, Angiolina Comotti, Silvia Bracco, Jacopo Perego, and Guillaume H. V. Bertrand   
Publication date: 17 April 2023


Efficient radioactive gas detection by scintillating porous metal–organic frameworks
Journal: Nature Photonics
Authors: Matteo Orfano, Jacopo Perego, Francesca Cova, Charl X. Bezuidenhout, Sergio Piva, Christophe Dujardin, Benoit Sabot, Sylvie Pierre, Pavlo Mai, Christophe Daniel, Silvia Bracco, Anna Vedda, Angiolina Comotti & Angelo Monguzzi
Publication date: 18 May 2023


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