Summer school

SPARTE Summer school - 2nd Nov. 2022 - CTU, Prague


SPARTE Summer School

Presentations given during the SPARTE Summer school:

C.Dujardin (UCBL-ILM): Introduction to scintillation, use and processes
B.Sabot (CEA): Metrology of radioactivity
J.Barta/L.Prochazkova (CTU): Properties of scintillating nanoxides
P.Odet (LIP): Preparing European projects
B.Mahler (UCBL-ILM): Design, preparation and photophysical properties of confined nanostructures
V.Cuba (CTU): Photochemical synthesis of nanomaterials
F.Chaput (UCBL-LC): Nanoparticle based aerogel preparation
J.Perego (UNIMIB): Development of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) nanocrystals with high luminescence and scintillating properties: design, preparation and characterization

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Summer school group picture

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