Leader in the digital transition of radiation protection, Icohup offers a range of products and services for the detection of ionizing radiation.
With an R&D team of 10 PhD, PhD students and engineers, Icohup develops its detection and communication technologies as well as its software in the logic of Industry 4.0 and makes the link between different fields: physics, electronics, web, cybersecurity. Icohup has developed systems that are unique on the market, including an operational spectrometric dosimeter. The aim is to deploy sensor networks to enhance personal safety while reducing surveillance costs.
Two activities drive Icohup: industrialized products, RiumOp & RiumBox, and R&D projects with recognized players: CEA, CNES, IRSN, etc.


Icohup is also committed to the popularization of science with support for the Open Radiation project, which allows citizens to measure ionizing radiation themselves.
Founded in 2016 and based in Limoges (France), Icohup has 18 employees, 70 customers and several hundred sensors deployed.



Icohup is composed of 4 teams:

  • R&D: Our teams work on several themes. Firstly, the physical challenges of detecting ionizing particles (scintillators, gas detector, silicon detectors) and data processing algorithms (in particular neural networks). Second, the electronic aspects, in the service of physics, as well as mechanical integration. Third, we are interested in the connectivity of our products with a very important cybersecurity approach (thesis funded by the ANRT). Finally, we are developing WEB and mobile applications to make the use of algorithms user-friendly.
  • Production: Our products are assembled in our premises and we carry out quality controls in our facilities.
  • Trade: our sales representatives are present throughout France for the medical and nuclear sector. We have distribution partners in France, Europe, and other geographic areas.
  • Support: Our administrative and after-sales service team is present alongside our customers to respond to their requests.



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