Nano Active Film SRL (NAF)

Nano Active Film SRL (NAF)

Nano Active Film S.r.l. (NAF) which operates in the sector of new materials based on polymers for applications in agri-food, pharmaceutical and health product field has its registered office at Avellino (Italy).

In particular, NAF has developed in collaboration with the University of Salerno a nanoporous polymeric absorbent based on syndiotactic polystyrene, currently produced under the trade name XAREC by Idemitsu corporation, which has absorbent properties against specific molecules and in particular has the property of being selective in the absorption of molecules on the basis of their size and polarity.

A patent for the realization of active packaging based on nanoporous syndiotactic polystyrene has been depositated by NAF (US20130280534; EP2658904) and, in 2020, a patent related to active yarns and textiles for the contolled realese of active compounds has been issued (WO2020026164).

As NAF was initially founded as an academic Spin-Off of the University of salerno strong partnerships still exists with academic co-founders and with the Dipartment of Chemistry and Biologogy from the University of Salerno for the chracterization and the development of materials. Moreover, partnerships have been also developed with several companies such as Idemistsu Kosan Ltd (Japan), SAES Getters S.p.A. (Italy).  


Principal investigators

The three PIs involved in the project are co-founders and share-holders of NAF with current academic positions at the University of Salerno:

CDa Christophe Daniel received his Ph.D in Physics from the University of Strasbourg and was a postdoc at Ethyl Petroleum Additives, Inc. (Richmond, VA) and at the University of Leeds. Currently, he is Associate Professor in the Dipartimento di Chimica e Biologia at the University of Salerno. His current interest is the study of the structure and sorption properties of polymer materials characterized by nanoporous crystalline phases and he has a strong expertise in polymer aerogel preparation and characterization. He has coauthored over 80 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters.
 GG Gaetano Guerra, Professor of Macromolecular Chemistry at the University of Salerno received his doctor degree in Chemistry at Federico II Naples University. All his scientific activity has been devoted to theoretical and experimental studies relative to polymeric materials with particular emphasis to the study of structure-property relationships of semicrystalline polymers with industrial relevance. The discovery and possible applications of co-crystalline and nanoporous-crystalline forms of polymers has been his main activity, in recent years. His research activity is documented by more than 300 scientific papers on international journals as well as by many industrial patents and chapters of books. He has received several awards and from November 2017 he is a member of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei.
PR Paola Rizzo, Associate Professor at the University of Salerno, received her doctor degree in Chemistry at Federico II Naples University. Her research interests are prevalently concerned to structural characterization of polymeric materials focusing on structure-properties correlations with particular emphasis to nanoporous crystalline polymer materials based on syndiotactic polystyrene and poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene)oxide. Her scientific activity is documented by more than 80 scientific papers in international journals.


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